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Photograph Retouching, Repair and Restoration,

Editing and Composition


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TERMS OF SERVICE AND CONDITIONS (Please read carefully.)
All work will be done in Adobe Photoshop. Photos must be high resolution for satisfactory results. Digital photos taken by a digital camera, at its best resolution, tend to be the better to work with. But if you are sending scrapbook photos, please have them scanned in color mode at resolutions between 300 and 600 dpi; file formats should be saved as JPEG (if you are not planning to enlarge the photo) - RAW, PNG, PSD or a TIFF without compression (if you plan to have multiple edits or enlargements). For very small photos (ex. 2x3 inches) scan it in at least 600 dpi. You can send the photos by email or to a file uploading server of your choice from where I can retrieve them.


An upfront payment of half the original cost is required upon start date of the project. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


All photos must be property of the person requesting this service. You must sign an agreement that states you are the legal owner, holder and author of each image; I won't alter professional and copyrighted works without signed, written permission of its owner. Submitted content is at your discretion and you are solely responsible for its usage. Photographs representing porno, lewd, hateful, obscene, abusive and offensive subject content are unacceptable. As the artist providing this service, I reserve the right to preclude what is deemed the aforementioned. Any such violations will cause termination of this service to you. Aside from which service you request, please specify what the project is being used for or towards (ex., enlargements for print, a gag composition, holiday festivity, family gift, home or office usage) and that will be the scope we follow; anything beyond the written scope must be acceptable according to the aforementioned terms and included in writing. Please allow 5-7 business days for basic project completion (this allows for revisions and proofing). Ofcourse, timing will vary with increment of photo sizes, number of images being sent, number of subjects within the photos or extensive work amendments requested. I will keep you abreast of any such changes.


Upon request and commencement of this service you agree that the photos you send me are not an infringement of copyright nor ownership and that I will not be held liable for, nor will I incur any fees, awards, balances, stipends, remittances legal nor otherwise, do to monetary loss, defamation of character, copyright infringement, all penalties and damages of any nature. Services are provided "as is" according to the samples you have viewed. This service is payable through PayPal. Completed works will be electronically returned to you, ready for print, copies or whatever your plans entail. Unless you have permitted me to use your images as portfolio samples, all original photographs will be returned to you and deleted from my storage system. It is important that you provide your valid email address which will solely be used for updates and progress on the project scope in discussion. Contact me with your requests and your questions. Thank you.



How I Started

Having over 10 years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop, in the media department of a radio advertising firm, I have honed the skills of notation to detail in photo retouching, editing, repair, and manipulation through personal requests from office colleagues and family members. With the help of hands-on training, I have managed image insertion, cropping, color management, background extraction and editing from newsletters to family photo album projects. It is a task that I do not take lightly and will turn out the best results to your satisfaction.

Specify what you would like done to a photo and I will assess the matter. Keep in mind that there is just as much that goes into editing or repairing a photo, as there is the sentiment it holds. The end product should still retain the character and value it was initially intended to convey to its viewers.

"We're photos still in the developing room but God's perfect work of art." GJp



Repair/Restoration $4.25: Involves using techniques to match the original content of the photo, whether it is marred or missing. There is a matter to what degree of restoration can be applied to severely damaged photos; content may need fabrication. With this in mind, I will keep you in step with the process in progress.

Composites/Manipulation $5.00: Gag photos - these entail transposing a head on another body, drawing a different body, add aging and balding. I can add and subtract objects, and fabricate subject matter. A new photo can be worked to look old. Vignettes. We can discuss all the possibilities of what you would like to do, with respect to the above conditions.

General Makeover Photos: Become your alter ego — human or animal. See yourself in a time before you were born. The fun is in the transformation.

Holiday Makeover Photos: Submit one photo for a holiday gag composition. Have a monstrous Halloween transformation or become a cupid on Valentine's Day just to name a few examples. Limited to the following holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day. One photo per holiday.

Retouch/Editing $3.25: Generally, for photos that may need a minor tweak, this involves color level adjustment, adding color to black and white, light and contrast correction, removing of blemishes and paper scars, cropping, addition or subtraction of a facial attribute.


First-time Customers: All services are a flat rate fee of $3 for one photo of your choice. (Must have a minimum submission of two photos.)





















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