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“Not only do I have dreams bigger than my pockets - they’re all fulfill-able!”
Pamela Benjamin
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Pamela's Petals: Fabric By Timberbells 2017

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I'm Pamela Benjamin. Welcome to my portfolio - an eclectic plethora of designs and ideas to fulfill your custom imagery needs. Image usage from stationery to textile; commercial and residential. Envisioning creates worlds. If you have an image in mind - something to convey for holidays, friends and family gatherings - allow me to help you make the vision clear. I'm always adding to my portfolio. See the next page for a range of services rendered, including photo retouching and fabric prints. An even broader spectrum of products can be found at www.zazzle.com/pamelaspetals.

In addition to visual art projects, I offer my typing assistance. Click here for details. If you decide to use any of my services, please read this brief.
You may contact me at:
I look forward to doing business with you.

Mark 9:23 - Jesus says, "...Everything is possible for him who believes."




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