All ego, pride, denominations, religion, secular self-made senses aside - this is to those of you who are tired of the way things have been going in the world (like yours truly) feel hopeless, helpless and just about at the end of your wits.

I plead the blood of Jesus over all who read this and need His help that everyone is overtaken by God's holy peace. That everyone who genuinely wants His help won't just accept His hand but Jesus' company and His being into their hearts which makes it all the more powerful to withstand these dark days that will turn into light for those of you who believe Jesus is here to bring you out. Reject all that's contrary to His goodness, for starters (1 John 4:1-6). Jesus' shed blood banishes all curses, deters death, sickness and ills of the mind even if you happen to be in the midst of it; they CANNOT stay around you because of Him.

You know the technique of falling back into the arms of someone as a sign of trust? That's one of the best gifts you can give God - trust in Him and His Son to deliver you now. You may be struggling with the deed but when you truly let go and let Jesus, your path is infinitely bound for blessings, insights and revelation He yearns to share with you.

For those folks who are giving you a hard time, pray - be it in God's spirit tongues or your own - receive Jesus and His help, then watch things turn around to your benefit so that your enemies stand with mouths agap and know they'd been messing with the wrong child.